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AGES 1-7

Come join our kid zone AO Kids where your child will laugh, play, learn and develop friendships. Our objective is that your child discovers the great love of God for them. Our focus is to empower our young ones to participate in a curriculum centered by God, to be inspired and amazed by him. Our objective is that our youngsters will capture the identity and feel like they belong in Jesus Christ

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AGES 8-13

Welcome to the “David Generation” where every teen is empowered by bible study and every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday through weekly adorations. Motivated by love, empowered by the Holy spirit, and commissioned by God. Our focus is to reach the kids through the word of God and guide them to put their confidence in God. We encourage them to express their adoration through their words, music, and lifestyle. We teach them a curriculum based on the scriptures and therefore leading them in the right path.

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AGES 8-13

Our Champions room is a program implemented for kids with special needs. Our focus is their spiritual growth by the word of God. Teaching ministry to every child depending on their skill level and physical development. Our volunteer’s are equipped in the special needs camp, they are instructed by a curriculum guided by the Holy spirit, therefore teaching the kids with the new spirit. Our goal is to minister to each child at their own level.

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Jesus Kids Club is for kids grades 3-6. Our mission is based on Proverb 22-6 which says “teach all kids in their journey and as they grow old this will never leave them.” The members of this club will learn biblical studies in a familiar and friendly atmosphere. We get together every Wednesday from September through May.

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