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How We Became?

The biblical institute Alpha & Omega (IBAO) opened its doors in 1990. Our president, Dr. Alberto Delgado, received a vision from God to teach the church the basic text of the word of God. The institute started with 4 professors and 115 students, with great hunger to learn the bibles principals. Today we count with over 25 professors. In 1998 we added an english curriculum, this way we can prepare many students that speak the language. To date we have over 700 graduates who are now preaching the word of God throughout the world. This history has served as a platform for the (October 2016) initiation of the “IBAO IN LINE”.

Train for the Future

The biblical institute Alpha & Omega (IBAO) is a study center with interdenominational training, where many men as well as women can develop the word of God. This way they can discover God’s plan for their lives. With this knowledge you will acquire tools necessary to achieve Jesus Christ’s establishment in the Grand Commision: “Go and have disciples in every nation” Matthew 28:19.

It is our objective to be the tools of the Christian group so we may help the pastors and the church.

Leaderage Experiment

“Finding the purpose in God by reading his words, took me to comprehend my maximum potential. For this reason, I’d like to invite you to be a part of our Biblical Institute. Here we have prepared practical teachings and dynamic, were a group of qualified professors can train and prepare you through the word of God. That teaching that you will learn, will prepare you for the acts God has planned for you.”
“What a blessing it is to be able to offer spiritual and educational tools, so that each student can accomplish the purpose of God in their lives, in every part of the 5 continents. Our goal is to bring classes of excellence to all our alumnis. I declare that you will be influenced and become an agent of change for the glory of God: in the church’s leadership, business, firm, family, community, university or wherever life takes you. (Psalm 32:8)”

Study Customs

After completing 8 subjects, the student will receive a certificate for their studies. Upon completing 24 subjects the student will receive a Diploma in Biblical Studies which is validated by the Logos Christian University.

Every class requires only 1.5 hours a week to study. Having 8 weeks to complete each class and receive you accreditation. The student will finish with 24 credits and you will have the possibility to obtain an associates degree through Logos Christian University upon completion of the 60 credits required.

The Biblical Institute Alpha & Omega (IBAO) works in conjunction with Logos Christian University, giving the possibility to our graduates to continue their studies at an Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorates level.

The Logos Christian University is a christian educational institute accredited by the Christian Federation American College and University, the Association of Schools and Christian University International and by the Joint Independent University of Florida.

Meet Your First Course Teachers

Every Course Includes

  • Exam 1
  • Exam 2
  • Exam 3
  • Report Card
  • Course Contents (lectures)
  • Contents and Complementary Classes
  • Access classes online 24 hours a day
  • Personal Account online per student
  • PDF Manual
  • Event notification


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