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AO Kids
Come join our kid zone AO Kids where your child will laugh, play, learn and develop friendships. Our objective is that your child discovers the great love of God for them. Our focus is to empower our young ones to participate in a curriculum centered by God, to be inspired and amazed by him… Learn More
NXT LVL Ministry is designed for youngsters of the Alpha Omega church which is for kids grades 8-12. We gather every Friday to have an encounter with God. NXTLVL is where youngsters come to grow in Jesus Christ. Here they will meet new friends and learn to preach the word of God to the new generation and amongst the mission established through their faith, and adoration…Learn More
Giving Hands

The Giving Hands was founded with the objective to help families in need and to teach them different methods so that they can surpass their situation be it physical, emotional or spiritual.

Teaching the fulfillment of one of most basic teachings of Jesus Christ, care for widows, and the needy is the motivators of this ministry…Learn More

In Alpha & Omega, marriage is our main focus. All the married couples are called to consolidate their marriage and to make their union a home. This includes watch the education of our children, desminute the economic necessity of the family, and promote an ambience of peace, love, and communion between all the family members. Our society actually provides different distractor elements for the family unity. Because of this we are engaged in building homes full of love, and…Learn More
Connect yourself with the Alpha & Omega church serving as volunteer worker in one of our service ministries. With a warm smile and a lot of love our service ministries offer help, direction and information during services and events. Serving in one of our ministries you become a pillar of our church, you will also have the opportunity to share your faith with others…Learn More
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Trust in God. Good things come for those who believe, better things for those who are patient, but the best things come for those who believe.

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