Our Pastors


Our Pastors

Alberto Delgado: With over 30 years of serving the christian community, the pastor Alberto Delgado originally from Havana, Cuba is founder and principal pastor of the Alpha & Omega church located in the heart of Miami. Pastor Delgado also serves as President of the Hispanic Association of Pastors of South Florida which represent over 300 churches in south Florida.


Pastor Delgado’s life is marked by one of the largest exodus of children in the history of the United State, the Peter Pan program which brought over 14,000 youngsters from Cuba without their parents. In the year 1962 at the age of 15 he went from living with his parents and sister and was placed in an orphanage in Alburquerque, New Mexico where he learned to survive in an unknown environment until he was 18 years old. This experience as an adolescent has pushed Pastor Delgados to bring the word of faith that can transform the life of any person regardless of their race, nationality, or economy.


That is why his motto is “anything is possible if you believe!” Pastor Delgado graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His training was side by side with the Prophet and Grand Master of Faith, Dr. Kenneth Hagin, Sr. and 1979 he graduated from the same center and in 1988 was ordained minister by Dr. Kenneth Hagin, Sr. He continued to study faith and the word of God, and in 1995 he received his Doctorates in Theology by Logos Christian College he also received his masters in Art, specializing in Christian counseling in Jacksonville, Fl.

Mariam Delgado: Mariam was born in Las Villas, Cuba, but lived the majority of her life in Puerto Rico, a place where her family immigrated to in 1966. Her father was Libanese and her mother was Cuban, she is the eldest of 3 brothers. Upon meeting and marrying Pastor Alberto Delgado

She undertakes a path by the hand of Christ and her husband she joined the mission of Alpha & Omega. With her sacrifice, efforts, and a lot of faith the church has grown and converted into what it is today.

With her character and dedication she founded “Mujer Unica” a ministry for woman in which their weekly efforts, helps find other woman to live a prosperous life and full of faith. With a strong belief in the hispanic female, she ministers to the heart of those in need. Bringing restauration to the abused women, single mothers, housewifes, and women in ministry.

Her motivational words and actions is what defines her ministry of “Mujer Unica” and has allowed her to take to her home, husband, and children Veronica and Alberto with knowledge and dedication.

Along Mariam Delgado’s career she has had the opportunity through communication media like her radio talk show and television’s “Mujer Unica” and her segment “a minute with Mariam” which is all for the motivation of women. She is also a known author and up to date has 2 publications: a small book called “Diary confessions for a life of success” and a devotional book “Stay in Line”. Her goal is to appeal to all the women in the 21st century.

Mariam Delgado is today’s prototype of a woman marked by God; with dinametty, executive and successful. With over 20 years in the ministry she guides all her acts with humbleness and love.

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Trust in God. Good things come for those who believe, better things for those who are patient, but the best things come for those who believe.

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