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We are simply called to share our Faith

The testimony shared, serves as a point of departure, the situation lived before the encounter with Jesus: sickness, depression, ignorance, and sin. This implicates a rapid presentation of the witnesses: who they were, and who they are now. We narrate how Jesus interviend: through prayer, testimony, healing, special blessings, etc. and how the witness lives now a days. A personal testimony awakens the attention in itself, without having to depend on any tricks to achieve it.
God does not need our lies and neither do men. To be a witness you don’t have to make up a golden legends with episodes that are only fruits of the imagination, or quick interpretations, even though they might be motivated by good faith. If a man has received a blessing from God, the normal reaction would be happiness and he would like to share his joy with his friends. The people who are blessed, discover they are loved by God, and you can’t hide your joy; the transparency in your life, in your world and in your smile.


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A year ago watching the channel Link watching her show with her husband, I was lying in my bed with a terrible pain of 3 days on the left side of my heart. In those you came and said I see a person in this moment with a great pain of the left side in his left arm and you started to pray and declared the word of healing, I took it and in that moment I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit that He covered and immediately the pain disappeared. I only heard something in my heart like it was uncovered, it was a heart attack but for the glory and honor of the Lord I was healed. God bless you a lot and keep using them.

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Trust in God. Good things come for those who believe, better things for those who are patient, but the best things come for those who believe.

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